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Nurse Attorney for Severe Injuries

While many law firms focus on personal injury, only a few attorneys have clinical experience in healthcare like Kathleen. In addition to representing injured clients an an attorney in Texas since 2006, Kathleen is a board certified registered nurse. She worked as a nurse in hospitals and clinics for many years before and during law school.

Kathleen understands the fear and uncertainty that goes along with the insurance claims process, especially when you are suffering physically or have lost a loved one. Kathleen is committed to seeking justice for those who are severely injured by the negligence of others and represents a very limited number of clients.

Contact the Kearney Law Firm today for a free phone consultation with registered nurse & attorney Kathleen Kearney, JD, MSN, BSN, RN.  If legal representation is offered, it will be for a contingent fee so there are no upfront fees, retainers, or out of pocket legal expenses. See Kathleen's former clients' reviews at avvo.com

Attorney Kathleen Kearney