Registered Nurse Lisa Collins v. Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center

Nurses are the backbone of the U.S. healthcare system. But too many employers continue to put profits over the safety and well-being of front-line employees. Registered Nurse Lisa Collins was working at Crestwood Health and Rehabilitation Center in early May 2020 when she was unknowingly exposed to a new resident with COVID-19 who had not been tested for the virus before admission, in violation of applicable standards of care and Crestwood’s own policy. Not long after, Nurse Collins developed a fever but was coerced into continuing to work. Crestwood’s Assistant Director of Nursing even threatened to report Nurse Collins to the Board of Nursing if she stayed home. Nurse Collins was working at Crestwood the day her fever skyrocketed to 103 Fahrenheit. But instead of sending her home, Crestwood’s Director of Nursing instructed Nurse Collins to remove her personal protective equipment and stand in front of a fan to cool off. Nurse Collins refused to return to work the following day and was forced to resign. Within a few days, Nurse Collins was admitted to a local ICU where she spent three weeks on a ventilator fighting for her life before undergoing months of inpatient rehabilitation. While Nurse Collins is grateful to be alive, she is severely injured and will likely suffer for the rest of her life as a victim of the decision to put profits over the safety of residents and employees.

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